SRD is committed to helping small business, communities, and municipalities overcome the mental, physical, emotional, and economic impacts of COVID-19. Through relief effort donations, hosting virtual business community calls, and developing resources for small business owners, SRD aims to do our part to ease some of the stress we know many are feeling as we brace ourselves for the transitions to our new normals.

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What SRD Does

Grow Your Business

SRD is purposed to provide management oversight solutions, consultations, and/or acquisitions for businesses in the fitness industry and real estate development for proprietors, investors, as well as municipalities.

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Health & Wellness Industry

Achieve Your Goals

The SRD health & wellness story began by recognizing how economic factors drive social patterns and the influence of real estate on big box gyms.  Most people get into the health club industry with the idea of running a business that will allow them to combine their passion for fitness and the chance to make money doing it. Unfortunately, many club owners quickly realize that it’s not that simple, and that there are elements of the fitness industry that they did not foresee.  With nearly (30) years of operational leadership in the industry, as well as aiding in building out multiple chains from a regional and national footprint, SRD is poised to uplift every facet of your location(s).

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Real Estate Development Industry

Expert Guidance

The reality is, no matter the current market trend, certain areas of real estate will always be coveted, and if the demand rises high enough after some catastrophic disaster, so does all of the land and real estate surrounding it. This means investors can, if they move with proper insight and foresight, capture huge returns by betting on areas that have historically proven to have true upside or newer developing cities surrounding “the main attraction.”

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SRD Solutions



Through conference calls, webinars, periodic in-house visits, and email correspondence, SRD will provide the support and guidance you need to improve your business and move toward financial freedom.


By placing one of our highly skilled managers in your facility, you immediately receive two levels of support. Our managers have superior knowledge and they bring the full support of the SRD operations team that will guide them in their quest to improve your business and open up your schedule for things that matter most to you.

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In addition to having a manager in the facility, this option opens up the entire SRD arsenal and will provide you with a hands-off ownership experience. All you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of your blooming business.


SRD realizes that sometimes, divestment in part or in whole is the best viable option. We will work with you to acquire your asset or find investors for a transition to take place.


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